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You know that time when you’re doing dinner with another couple and the time comes to pay the bill! Well, here’s are my three most likely situations that will occur and “how to” approach each situation. What happens next is all up to you.

Situation #1

The bill comes and this couple with their sharp vision eyes the bill from a distance. Don’t be impressed if they have their total prior to the bill arriving…..that’s one of their strengths! They pay $58.00 even although their total was $57.17. DON’T be this couple. Always tip accordingly and pay those taxes.

Situation #2

The bill comes and this couple grabs the bill and holds it hostage! They allow no one to see the bill and say abruptly, “We’re paying for your dinner”! Now, they may think they’re doing you a big favor, but this behavior does the opposite. In fact, you put the other couple, in a awkward position by insisting to pay their dinner tab, which they are fully capable of doing for themselves. Instead, arrange dinner plans by saying “We want to treat you guys to dinner, next Saturday”!

Situation #3

The bill comes and the first couple views it, and then passes to the other couple. After a couple of minutes, they mutually decide to split the bill. For the sake of simplicity, this is the most logical approach in my opinion. Keep in mind now; if you ordered lobster and they ordered a chicken club, make sure you add a little extra cash to offset the cost. But if everyone is ordering comparable priced dishes then the even split is your go to!

In my opinion, I most likely fit a situation #3, but in the past I’ve been Situation #2 on plenty of occasions.  But those days are over.

What do you think?  Which situation best suits you?