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If you ever watched  professional sports you’ll notice after a cardio intensive sport such as swimming, cycling, distance running etc…the athlete reaches in his/her bag and pulls out a brown liquid. Now your probably wondering what that is, well I bet you have it in your kitchen.

You’ve seen plenty of athletes drinking Gatorade with the label strategically facing the camera (free marketing) and ensuring you that it is the best sports drink available (water works better), but I have something better…..Chocolate Milk!! Recent studies have shown that chocolate milk may be just as good or better than sports drinks.

So which one is right for you? I’ll let you decide, but in the meantime; here are a few facts on chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk:

Has an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to help refuel tired muscles.

Is cost effective per oz. vs. the leading sports drink.

A recent study put Chocolate Milk, Gatorade and Endurox to the test. Chocolate Milk out performed both all its competitors. The study was partly funded by the Dairy and Nutrition Council, an industry group so it may be biased, so let me know what you think.

Let’s Compare Nutrition

  Horizon Organic 1% Chocolate Milk
With 32 mg DHA Omega-3
(8 ounce serving)
Gatorade Recover 03
Mixed Berry
(16.9 ounce bottle)
Calories 190 130
Protein 11 16
Carbohydrate 30 14
Sodium 180 250
Potassium 530 95
Calcium 35% Daily Value 10% Daily Value
Vitamin D 25% Daily Value 0
Omega-3s 32 mg 0
Artificial sweeteners No Yes
Dye/color additives No Yes

Have you ever drank Chocolate Milk after a cardio intense workout?

What are your tips for post workout recovery?