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Over the past decade, I’ve traveled to Vancouver around 300 times. According to USNews SOURCE, Vancouver is known as one of the best places to visit and is known for being a young, hip city, with a chic atmosphere, high-fashion boutiques and fondness for health-conscious eating; all without the traffic of Los Angeles. One thing that has remained a constant for sometime is the love for Ketchup chips! During our research we found that Ketchup Chips are not only MIA in America, but if you happen to be far from the Canadian/US border, the chips are fetching anywhere from $8.95 to 38.99 a bag online. WOW eh!!!

We decided to see how much Canadians enjoy the snack and conducted a blind taste test. The participants selected were from both the US and Canada aged 5-40. We choose 3 popular brands Lays, Old Dutch, and we also included the budget friendly brand “no name“. Participants were asked to sample the three brands of Ketchup Chips based on Ketchup taste/flavor, & chip consistency. After hours of testing we came to the following conclusions; The majority of subjects preferred Old Dutch Ketchup Chips for its light airy chip, and authentic Ketchup taste. Lays ran a close second in the flavor category and participants liked the chips hard kettle consistency. The no name brand brought up the rear as the third winner, with only 1 individual choosing as their favorite tasting chip. One participant stated “The chips taste so artificial” and after removing her blindfold she also said “the burgundy hue of the chip disgusted her”. Have you tried Ketchup Chips? If you could create your own unique flavored chips, what flavor would you choose?

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You can find additional information on the three brands of Ketchup Chips by following these links:

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